• Client to wait in car (or car park at 2m distance from everyone else if arriving by other
transport/walking), trainer will open door and signal for client to come in – to maintain
control over multiple clients social distancing
• Client to wash hands immediately on arrival. Doors to be left open to keep touching surfaces to a minimum

• Client to use own towel, to keep paper wastage to a minimum 

• Client to scan Track and Trace QR code using NHS Covid19 app. If app cannot be used, then client must log their name and phone number. Failure to do so will result in being turned away from the studio

• 2m social distancing to be kept between trainer and client at all times

• 2m distance to be kept between trainers and clients, as well as client-to-client and trainer-to-trainer (allowing a 3m2 distance between clients following UKactive guidelines)
• All points of contact to be disinfected after every use
• Mats to be used to prevent contact with floor surface
• Hands to be washed again if client/ trainer touches face, coughs, sneezes etc
• Clients must use own water bottle

• Wash hands before leaving
• Trainer to open door, standing at 2m from client, while client leaves
Communal areas
• During this period, changing rooms will be de-commissioned
• Also, the waiting area will be unused, unless by a parent of an under 18 who may be training
• Shower and toilet facilities to be out-of-bounds (client only using gym for max 1 hour)

• Staff room to be used under social distancing rules
• Arrive in uniform ready to work
• Any utensils for food and drink to be brought in and used only by them
• Toilet can be used by staff, but must be cleaned to a high standard after every use
• Face coverings can be worn at the discretion of trainer/ client
• Staff to ensure clothes are cleaned to high standard and not worn consecutively

• Face coverings can be worn at the discretion of trainer/ client

• Any client leaving the UK, regardless of time or country, must not return back to training at the studio for 14 days

• Action plan to be carried out on top of regular cleaning duties and guidelines of existing risk assessment
• Consultations to be carried out at 2m distance, client to use own pen.
• No cash transactions
• We will not be encouraging the wearing of gloves, as gloves can equally be contaminated
and therefore would need to be changed after something is touched. Team FG can also not
guarantee if gloves have become contaminated outside of the gym

Mitigating Risk
• All clients and staff to confirm they or their close contacts haven’t had any symptoms to the best of their knowledge
• Anyone who has shown, or been in close contact with someone who has shown symptoms,
will be asked to stay away from the facility for 14 days
• Staff may ask to see results of tests in order to perform an internal track and trace
• Should a client experience difficulty while exercising, to which the trainer has to step in, then
this will be done for the safety of the client. As soon as the danger is removed/ dealt with,
the trainer will return the 2m distance, clean all equipment and both trainer and client will
re-wash hands before resuming the exercise safely
• Should any First aid need to be carried out, this will take precedence over social distancing,
however, once the medical emergency is over, we will follow the steps in the above point.

COVID- 19 First Aid Measures

Personnel who have or are showing signs of COVID19 are prevented from entering or removed from site, significantly reducing the risk of an injured person having COVID-19.
First aiders should, in the first instance, follow their training and apply the following precautions:
Treat the patient in an isolated area where possible. All persons not involved in treatment should remain 2-metres away.
Try to assist at a safe distance from the casualty as much as you can and minimise the time you share a breathing zone.
Instruct self-administering of first aid where possible. If they are capable, tell them to do things for you, but treating the casualty properly should be the first concern. Remember the 3P model – preserve life, prevent worsening, promote recovery.
Wear gloves.
Face shield and face covering to be worn where possible, if close face to face contact is unavoidable.
Ensure you safely discard disposable items and clean reusable ones thoroughly
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser as soon as possible
First aiders to understand amended practices in regards to attending a casualty during COVID (such as revised CPR methodology – it is recommended that you do not perform rescue breaths or mouth-to-mouth ventilation; perform chest compressions only). If a decision is made to perform mouth-to-mouth ventilation in asphyxia arrest, use a resuscitation face shield where available.
Should you have given mouth-to-mouth ventilation there are no additional actions to be taken other than to monitor yourself for symptoms of possible COVID-19 over the following 14 days.

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