What is Personal Training?

Personal Training is the participation in structured fitness sessions tailored to your individual needs and goals. Programmes are designed using proven scientific methods as well as new trends in the fitness industry. We use a variety of resistance and cardio exercises in a safe environment to assist you in reaching your goals.

As well as exercise, nutrition is a huge part of any training programme. Our trainers, will look in-depth at your eating habits and nutritional intake and offer you the best advice going forward on how to fix the bad habits you may currently be having with your nutrition.
However, what sets FG Personal Training apart from other trainers, is the relentless care and attention to our clients. We offer round-the-clock support to all personal training clients. This may be a quick phone call to motivate you during a workout at home, or it may be assisting you with your weekly shop. Whatever it is you need to reach your goals, FG Personal Training will gladly oblige.