Hello! My name is Tim, and I’m a fully qualified personal trainer at FG Personal Training. I’m a passionate PT whose motivation stems from helping my clients to achieve their results, helping them to see that it is possible to get to where they want to be both physically and mentally.

I’m passionate about supporting my clients and helping them on their journey. Having tried and failed many times, I know how easy it is to give up. With first-hand experiences of the hurdles in the fitness journey, I pride myself on supporting my clients through these barriers and helping them to continue making progress, even when the light at the end of the tunnel appears to dim.

I’ve been in the position in life where I recognised that something needed to change, and reaching out to FG Personal Training is the best thing I have ever done, because it means I can train in an supportive, welcoming environment without the usual downsides of being in the gym with other people.  Not only has it helped me work towards achieving my fitness goals and allowed me to be happy with my body, it has also transformed me mentally and opened my eyes to a career where I can really help others achieve these things too.

Becoming a PT is my chance to help people improve themselves. It gets me out of bed in a morning and keeps me motivated, knowing I’m able to support my clients and give them the gift of transforming their mindset in the same way that mine was.

How I Work

We’ll work together to create a bespoke training plan to allow you to focus your efforts on what matters to you, helping you to progress towards the results you’re looking for. It’s not easy knowing the right things to focus on, which is where we’ll work together.

I can also help you with the nutritional planning, helping you to continue making progress outside of the gym. We’ll create a bespoke plan to keep you making progress and advancing towards your end goal.

The most important part of working with a PT is using someone who supports your journey and keeps you motivated. Having the first-hand experience of wanting a change, I know what it’s like and I understand that it’s not easy, but between us, we can keep you progressing in the right direction.

Qualifications & Experience

My Qualifications include:

Level 3 Personal Trainer (OriGym)

Level 2 Gym Instructor (OriGym)

Level 3 Leadership and Management (Institute of Leadership and Management)

HND Health and Social Care

First Aid Qualified

Fully Insured

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